Provenance: You are what you eat.

Provenance: You are what you eat.


  Provenance : the place of origin or earliest known history of something; the beginning of something’s existence 

When growing up, my parents always grew a large vegetable garden. We were raised with knowing the importance of growing your own garden. To have that satisfaction and certainty of knowing what exactly has gone into the fruit and vegetables, whilst also recognising the blood, sweat and cups of tea gone into to creating such a  Garden of Eden in our very own backyard. These lessons my parents gave me and my siblings. We had to weed the garden, reluctantly, it seemed like the most boring, endless task. Little did we know the gift they gave us.


Today, there is certainly a growing importance of knowing where our food comes from, including how it is grown, harvested and delivered.  People are becoming more aware of themselves in relation to soil health, gut health, their everyday wellbeing and wellness; and the issue  of longevity and quality of everyday life!  

There is a definite Paddock to Plate / Garden to Table trend going on at the moment. 

Great nutrition and health come from wise, informed decisions from the growing source of information out there. Life is all about choices, and I most certainly Choose  to know the Provenance of my food and all of my food associated implements. This was part of the reason why my business, Homeground,  came to be in existence. 


As pictured, Homegrown vegetables from my garden on Homeground tableware. All Homeground wares are crafted using locally sourced rock, so they are super eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint. We love sustainability.







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