My Story

My very first collection in rock, began at age 11. With a seashell fossil from Te Wae Wae Bay in Southland, New Zealand. My interest grew over the years and I was always looking for a beautiful and unique rock from areas I visited. Not the most common looking rocks, but the different few that you can sometimes find. Generally these rocks have been of a harder nature. Rounded by rivers and the ocean.

I simply cannot resist rock fossicking. So I have searched for rocks around the globe due to my love of nature and travel. I even have photos of rocks. Although I have claimed one or two here and there, mostly when abroad I have left them behind. Also I have found many artifacts on my travels and left them where our ancestors laid them to rest. However I’ve taken photos and have fond memories of where I explored and found them all.

I crafted my first mortar and pestle, as my store bought one (a gift) was too small in my hands. It certainly couldn’t handle very many peppercorns, never mind about curry pastes or salsas. So, I got thinking, why not make one! Out we went looking, my fiancé and I, for the ideal mortar and pestle. We discovered them both on the same beach, which is of course top secret. Although there has been mention of a bank manager somewhere.

Still, I am looking for those ideal rocks, to craft into their own uniqueness, something special and absolutely functional.

Why have something just for gazing upon, when you can use it and feel a part of our Mother Nature right in your very own home.

Connect with nature on a tactile basis.